Leaving Your Past Behind

behind the veil     This morning as I sat in my quiet time with the Lord, the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance of a video titled “Behind The Veil” by Juanita Bynum.  There are several versions, but He took me to see a new one.  I began to weep as I watched and listened to the words of the song.  This video may seem simple and insignificant to some, but it is life changing for others like me.   Listening this morning to this song caused me to be grateful as I reflect back over my life and especially over this past 14 months and all the things the Lord has brought me through.  I rejoice in knowing that my Heavenly Father watched over me as He does all His children through their mishaps, hiccups and bumps in the road.  He cares and delivers us from the bad choices, wrong turns and misguided instructions of others.  He loves us so much that He died for us years ago knowing that we would have messed up moments.  He provided a means for us to leave our past behind and to come behind the veil.  ~RMW~

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